Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Gnome-clocks Alarm Component redesign (GSoC '15)

    This post is about my work on alarm component of gnome-clocks as a part of GSoC '15. I'll start with the current design of the alarm component in gnome-clocks.

Below are the screenshots for the current design of alarm component in gnome-clocks.

Alarm tiles are shown in the window as shown above

To edit an alarm, click on the tile which'll open an edit dialog box

The new design for alarm component is shown in the mockups:

Below is the screenshot of my work on alarm component so far.

New design - alarm component

    As shown in the above screenshot, there would be different tiles of alarms separated by a GtkSeparator in GtkBox.

    With this new design, a user would be able to switch on/off the alarm directly with one click while with the current design, a user has to open the edit dialog box and then turn on/off the alarm and then click on "Done" to save the changes. A user would be able to change the label of the alarm directly by clicking on the icon shown above the alarm name, which will open a popover where user can edit the alarm label. In addition to all of this, a user would be able to change the repetition days and alarm time by clicking on the tile and making changes in the edit dialog box and saving them.

    So far I'm able to add functionality of adding/removing alarm, editing an alarm and reflecting the new changes in the alarm tile. Right now I'm working on integrating features such as directly turning on/off the alarm using the active switch and changing the alarm label directly.